vegetable oils

Olive oil

Olive oil is obtained by crushing and pressing the olive pit. It softens the skin, possesses superior moisturizing properties, and is essential to the immune system.

Sunflower oil

Obtained from sunflower seeds, this oil has high amounts of vitamins A and E, minerals, lecithin, insulin and unsaturated fatty acids. An excellent product for the skin, sunflower oil is a versatile oil that can be used in massages and aromatherapy. Sunflower oil is easily absorbed, leaves very little oily residue, and is beneficial for aging, sensitive or damaged skin.

Vegetable oil

“Vegetable oil” is the commercial name given to a mixture of oils of vegetable origin. Vegetable oil is extracted from oil-containing seeds or fruits, and is first obtained by applying cold pressure. The juice is then filtered and packaged into glass containers. Vegetable oil works on all skin types: oily, dry, mixed, sensitive or devitalized. It is beneficial for the face, body, hair and nails.

Canola oil

Suitable for all skin types, Canola oil is high in vitamins and minerals and is easily absorbed. Also very affordable, Canola oil is commonly used by massage therapists and aromatherapists.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is commonly used to improve the foaming abilities of soap. In addition to being soothing and refreshing, it leaves a layer of protection on the skin.

Sweet almond oil

Light and odourless, almond oil is extracted from almond nuts cultivated in Mediterranean countries and in California. Almond oil is high in nutrients, can be used on all types of skin, and is similar to babies’ sebum, a protective oil naturally produced by their skin.

Fragrant oil

Known as fragrant oils or aromatic oils, natural essential oils diluted with a carrier like propylene glycol, mineral oil or vegetable oil. Fragrant oils are used in perfumes, cosmetics, food flavorings and aromatherapy.