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in sweet and wonderful memories.

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  • Spring revival

    A fresh and captivating fragrance

    with notes of lily of the valley,

    hyacinth and wisteria.

  • Chaleur bay

    A classic fragrance, clean and fresh

    as the sea of one of the most beautiful bays in the world.

  • Autumn fruits

    A fruity fragrance, with the smell

    of a sweet red apple.

  • Winter sweetness

    A soft, delicate, powdery fragrance

    with notes of cotton blossom.

  • Lavender garden

    A relaxing fragrance of lavender.

  • Morning of roses

    The sweet fragrance of a rose garden.

  • Gaspesian forest

    A fragrance with masculine

    notes of cedar and musk on a background of vanilla.

  • Patchouli

    A powerful essential oil,

    both woody, earthy and dry with smoky

    camphorated accents.

  • Natural purity - odorless

    An odorless soap,

    100% fresh goat's milk,

    for a perfect hydration.

  • Little kid

    A gentle soothing fragrance of baby powder.

  • Fraîcheur d'eucalyptus

    A re-energizing and fresh fragrance.

  • Magnolia

    A pleasant fragrance of a magnolia tree in bloom in May.

    Pink agreements, jasmine and moss.

  • Bergamot

    A sweet, sparkling and floral fragrance.

    It is the result of an alliance between a lime and a bitter orange ...

  • Orange

    A delicious sweet, fruity, fresh and tangy smell.

  • Rosewood

    A fragrance that is both floral and rosy,

    while being slightly woody and peppery with a hint of spices.