Eat Local

10 Reasons to Buy Local

buy local food

There are many reasons to buy local food. Buying food that has traveled less than 400 miles from its point of origin is a good way to support local farms and the people who work there. You can also support local business by shopping at Farmers’ markets and Co-ops. Here are 10 reasons to buy local food. They may surprise you! And don’t forget about the many benefits of eating locally grown foods! If you’re not sure where to start, read on for some helpful tips.

10 reasons to buy local food

There are many benefits to buying locally grown food. It is fresher and more nutritious, and it spends less time in transportation. It also has a lower chance of spoiling, meaning that you’ll experience a new taste for food. Plus, buying food from your local market encourages diverse agriculture and reduces the amount of monoculture, which can degrade soils and contribute to food waste. Ten reasons to buy local food should make your shopping experience a pleasurable one.

Farmers’ markets

Buying produce from a farmers’ market is an excellent way to support local producers. Not only can you sample the variety of fresh produce available, but you can also help protect the natural resources of the environment. Produce grown by farmers at farmers’ markets is free from harmful pesticides, hormones and antibiotics. You can also find meat and eggs that have not been caged or treated with antibiotics. These foods are the perfect way to support local agriculture and save money at the same time.


It is possible to buy local food from a co-op without even leaving your home! Co-ops are nonprofit organizations with member-owned stock and share prices. Shares have equal voting rights. Some co-ops have weekly cooking classes where members share recipes and cooking techniques. Some co-ops sponsor neighborhood development corporations and nonprofit organizations. Members can even receive branded clothing, organic chocolate bars, and coupons in their welcome packet.

Grocery stores

Growing more local food is good for the environment and for your wallet. There are several ways to purchase local food at grocery stores. Good Natured Family Farms sources goods from small farmers within 100 miles of Kansas City and sells them to local stores including the Hen House Market and Price Chopper. Cherry Capital Foods gathers and distributes food grown in Michigan. They provide product lists for retailers and allow them to place regular orders from local farmers. This type of business model allows you to support local farmers without establishing individual relationships.

Supporting local farmers

Buying locally produced food supports family-owned businesses and the economy of the region where it was grown. This allows a greater level of local participation in the food system and preserves a community’s culture and traditions. Additionally, by purchasing locally produced food, you are supporting local jobs and a thriving economy. Additionally, buying locally produced food reduces the risk of bacteria, contamination, and expiration. It also enhances the freshness of foods from local farms.